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Makeup Tips To Make It Through The Heat

Makeup Tips To Make It Through The Heat

Summer is here in full earnest! However, people like us, who really do love make up, are in a dilemma. Use of makeup in the summer is what we continually struggle with because of the heat, but fear not – we have compiled a number of makeup tips to use makeup to your satisfaction during the summer1 If you follow these simple makeup tips, you will achieve the flawless summer look! These quick tips will allow you to jazz up your skin without consuming too much of your time.

Use Mineral Makeup – This type of makeup is now widely available everywhere in the market, and has become increasingly popular because of the magic it does to your skin. It is light, so it feels good on your skin and gives the illusion that you aren’t wearing much makeup. It is also rich in dehydrating moisturizers. This means that no matter how hot the weather becomes, you will never have runny, sweaty makeup. Say. If you use the makeup made with minerals, you’ll observe the difference in your skin after the first usage!

Use Rose Water – This is the one makeup tip that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Even though you’ll find loads of makeup mists and sprays in the market, we recommend that you take something a little more natural and less costly for your skin. Buy some rose water, keep it in a spray bottle, and store that in your refrigerator. And the next time you have to apply makeup, just dab a bit of rose water on your face. Then start applying your foundation. You will find that your skin will remain fresh for a longer period of time and your makeup will be able to face the heat for longer too. Rose water is also a perfect skin tonic and helps keep the color and tone of your skin high.

Use a skin tonic – One of the most dreaded things that happens to our skins in the summer is the formation of blackheads and acne. To get rid of that all you need to do is use apple cider vinegar, which is a natural tonic for the skin. Just soak some cotton in it and then apply it to your face. Leave your face alone after applying the vinegar for 20 minutes, and then rinse your face. You’ll feel the difference in a matter of days.

These tips, which include mineral makeup and rose water, are all you need to get through the summer season.

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