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Laser Skin Rejuvenation- Everything You Should Know

Laser Skin Rejuvenation- Everything You Should Know

Who doesn’t enjoy compliments like you have a glowing face or you look so young or you look beautiful? Willing to put in some effort? You could also have your share of glory. Anything you do to your skin to make it look better can be referred to as skin rejuvenation. It can occur from the inside by taking healthy foods, supplements and beverages or from the outside using topical products and cosmetic procedures. Establishing healthy lifestyle habits and limiting exposure to sun can also help in skin rejuvenation. 

Laser skin rejuvenation uses the application of modern science to attain a soft texture and glowing skin tone in women and men. Collagen production is stimulated when light penetrates into your skin. This treatment also aims to rejuvenate the microvasculature beneath your skin’s surface.  This helps in reducing facial redness and ruddy complexions.

How does it help?

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By reducing fine line wrinkles and restoring even skin tones particularly on the face neck and chest, laser skin rejuvenation improves the skin’s overall appearance. This procedure safely treats scars, uneven textures, large pores and acne scarring. It also tightens skin pores and improves skin texture. Laser skin rejuvenation can be used to improve the appearance of scars anywhere on the body. Long-term hair reduction and removal of superficial face veins, hyper pigmentation, age spots, birth marks, freckles and sun spots can be done using this procedure. Laser skin rejuvenation does not require any anesthetic and requires no downtime which makes this treatment really convenient.

How is it done?

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Laser skin rejuvenation treats various issues of the skin using a powerful light, the wavelength band of which can be controlled according to the intensity of the skin problems. The dermatologist using a hand held device administers the wavelength for a particular treatment which causes the light to travel into the deeper layers of the patient’s skin and the dead cells below the skin are eliminated.  A session which normally lasts around 30 minutes is repeated every 21 days and most of the patients require at least five sessions. When compared to laser skin resurfacing this treatment is much shorter and less aggressive. During the procedure the skin is gently warmed and the strength of light that falls on the cells helps in tightening the skin, causes pores and wrinkles to be barely noticeable and improves circulation. Normal activities could be resumed immediately.

How much would it cost?

The cost of each individual’s treatment depends on a number of factors. Based on the severity of the skin imperfection and the size of the area being treated, the cost varies.

Are there any side effects?

Some of the side effects of laser skin rejuvenation treatment that are seen frequently are redness and inflammation caused by intense light. This subsides quickly. People whose skin tones are darker   experience lightening of skin following a laser session but this is also temporary.

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