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Different Styles Of Hats That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Different Styles Of Hats That Never Go Out Of Fashion

While paying visit to your local hat shop you may be surprised to find a large range of hat styles that you know little about. Fashions and styles don’t stay the same; but some remain in fashion always. Hats have for so many centuries been a fashion accessory of men as well as women. In old days they were worn as a symbol of status by men. Moreover, specific customs and manners were associated with wearing of these articles. A man generally tipped his hat when he met up with a woman. When entering a church or speaking to his senior or boss, a man would take it off to respect the status of the place or recognise presence of a superior man.

There are a wide range of styles designed through centuries to suit any occasion. Whether you are taking a stroll in the park or attending a posh party, a stylish hat is ideal complement to your outfit. This article will review the latest hat fashions including some old styles which people still love to wear!

Following are some favourite Hats that never go out of fashion:


The fedoras arrived on the scene in 20th century, and on the women’s fashion. In the 1920’s they were adopted by men. In that era, such types were an accessory for men in the upper-class. Nowadays, this style is popular in men from every social & economic strata. These headwear are designed from soft felt and include a lengthwise-crease down the crown. Its front part, is pitched both sides, while the brim runs completely around. They are usually marked with hat band.


Also called the cowboy hat, Stetson are an accessory of cowboys. These articles are not loved by ranchers only. They are all time favourites of all those men who are fond of western styles and music. People in love with country wear them. These headwear are not only for men, you may find lots of women wearing colourful and decorated cowboy hats.

They are designed using different materials such as straw, leather or felt. They seem tall with a flat brim and rounded crown. A rolled brim and creased crown are common variations usually done to match a style. Often strings and bands are attached.


To buy bowler hat was a necessity in the past. These items were designed to protect heads of gamekeepers from low hanging branches. This accessory used to always be on the head of the wearer while they rode the horseback. That is why such hats are low-crowned and close-fitting.

Carver hat

Carvers are one of the favourite choices of hunters. However, no matter which profession you are in, carvers will be useful to you. They provide the best cover during the cold, as they keep head warm. Moreover, the earflaps are commonly lowered and attached below the chin for providing protection to the ears. They are commonly designed from thick-cut fabric in order to provide protection to the head against unfavourable elements.

To conclude, whether you buy bowler hat a cowboy or any other hat you will not only stay protected but it will also complement your outfit.

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